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Cindy and Danielle

A few days ago, I took a couple of college friends out to take some pictures. Cindy and Danielle were a blast to photograph, we had a great time! I love all my friends who have let me drag them out for pictures to build my portfolio, you all are fabulous.

Here are a few of my favorites of the day...









Thanks guys!

Trish and Baby

A few days ago, I had the chance to photograph my good friend Trish in her "delicate state". Trish and her husband John are doing what I could never do, they are waiting to be surprised of the baby's gender! So while I don't know whether to buy pink or blue stuff for them, I'm pretty sure anything Star Wars or a Baby Snowboard will do (Right John? Don't worry Trish I won't get anything Star Wars.) I also know that they are going to be fabulous parents! Thanks for letting me take pictures of you Trish, I can't wait to meet the baby!

Here are my favorite shots of Trish and "Mystery Baby"




Trish and Baby's First Picture...



Amy & Baby Evan

A couple of weeks ago I traveled to San Francisco to visit one of my best friends, Amy. We spent the weekend taking pictures, listening to Christmas music, and talking about being a mom. Amy and her husband Joel are having a boy in a few months and I'm so excited for them! I know they are going to be such awesome parents.

Amy amazed me at how active she still is during her pregnancy. I had the opportunity to watch her perform with her tap dancing class at their recital which was so fun! The whole time I was thinking about how I didn't feel like doing any kind of motion for the last half of my pregnancy. She also continued to golf until recently!

Thanks so much for having me up, I love you guys!

These are a few of my favorite pictures...

At home with her special gift...


Golfing with Baby Evan...



And the beach baby...



Click -here- for the slideshow.
(From my snazzy new Christmas present to myself Showit Web!)

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, mine was definitely awesome!

In 2008 my main goal is to make the building blocks of my photography business that will give it the strength for a long and successful life.

I hope my family and friends have great health and happiness. I hope for a sickness free year for my babies. I hope for the best second year of marriage anyone could ask for.

I aim for losing baby weight! I aim for reading more for business and pleasure. I aim for blogging more!!

What A Week!

Warning, long post ahead!!!

These past seven days have seriously been an up and down roller coaster for me. Lets start with last Wednesday. I guess you can say this picture is my first ring shot...

Photobucket just happens to be mine. That afternoon as I was washing a baby bottle, I noticed something shiny on the dish towel I placed the bottle on. It was none other than my pretty little diamond, just chillin' there. I glanced down at my ring to see an empty setting with one bent prong. I surely had an angel make sure it fell out on the towel and not go down the drain! It freaks me out just thinking about it!



Thursday proved to be a much better day, I had the opportunity to attend Jasmine Star's second Starbox Lunch. It was so great to sit with a bunch of fabulous photographers and talk shop. I am so grateful to Jasmine and everyone for the experience! I would love to get together with you guys again (I'm not too far from all of you Irviner's).

I actually met Jasmine way back in our college days, go Dub C! And yes, she was a sweet heart way back when too!

Here’s a picture of the lunch crew from left to right... Bottom: Lisa Roah, Jennifer Elaine, Karey Schroeder, Nataly Lemus, Brian Khang, Gabriel Ryan Top: Mark Brooke, Candace, and me (not pictured, Julia Williams)

Pictures snatched from Jasmine's Blog


This crazy week of mine ended off on a great note with a wonderful trip to San Fransisco to visit my awesome friend Amy. Her husband went on a business trip to Japan and offered to fly up a friend for the weekend to keep her company, how sweet is that! I had a blast visiting with her and we had a fabulous maternity shoot. I will post some shots later but here is a picture of me and Amy having dinner with our other friend Armilla at the Stinking Rose in Little Italy. For any of you garlic lovers, this place is great. There is even one in Beverly Hills for the So. Cal. people.


Well I'm now going to rest from very eventful week, I need to save up for this week coming up which just happens to include, my daughter Isabella turning 2, Christmas Eve party at our house, Christmas Day party at our house, and my one year wedding anniversary. That's December for you:) If you are still here at the end of this post, you get a high five! I hope everyone is ready for Christmas!

Christmas hugs to all!

Photography Podcasts

This last month, I've been having fun scouring through all the photography podcasts available. I think I have finally narrowed down the list down to three that I will continue to listen to:

1) The Digital Photography Show - A general photography podcast which covers photography tips and tricks. They also have many great interviews, those with Scott Kelby are my favorite.

2) The Pro Photo Show - This podcast has been invaluable to me during this phase of my business. Host Gavin Seim covers many aspects of the photography business from the viewpoint of a wedding photographer. He also does general photography news. Great show overall.

3) Tips From the Top Floor - General photography tips and info. Warning! Themes song is
likely to stick in your head for days.

I have long been addicted to podcasts, some of my favorite non photography related shows are:

1) Diggnation - Two guys + beers + news = Good Times

2) Pottercast - I am not embarrassed to say that I am a HUGE Harry Potter Fan:)

3) Piano Puzzler - Host Bruce Adolphe rewrites a song in the style of a famous composer. Guests must identify the song and the composer. I love name that tune!

My good friend Danielle sent this to me...

My dancing elf family

I cannot stop laughing!!

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